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Acute Care Services

Surgical Services: Pondera Medical Center Surgery Department has multiple surgical capabilities including orthopedics, general surgery, laparoscopic surgery and podiatry. We also staff an Endoscopy Suite for diagnostic and therapeutic EGDs (scopes of the esophagus and stomach) and colonoscopies (scopes of the lower bowel).

Special Care Unit: A large two bed special care unit is located adjacent to the nurses' station for close monitoring of our seriously ill patients. Capabilities exist for hemodynamic monitoring, external cardiac pacemaker, multi-med infusion pumps, and ventilator dependent patients. All Acute Care RNs at PMC are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

A professionally trained staff of nurses provides kind, competent care for pre and post-operative patients, pediatrics, geriatrics and patients with a variety of medical conditions. We also do sleep studies, pain control, diabetic teaching and case management. We pride ourselves on our nurse-to-client ratio and our personal touch.

Obstetrical: We've got you covered with 24-hour-a-day OB coverage and a staff just waiting to pamper parents and their newborns.

Pondera Medical Center Pampered Mother's Club offers a complete program to assist you in planning your labor and delivery. We offer a modern and comfortable birthing room, pre-birth planning, free childbirth and labor education and exceptional "one-to-one" nursing care not often found in larger facilities.

To top it off, mom and babe receive a gift basket. Mother and her guest receive a "stork" dinner of steak or prawns prior to discharge.


Lab: Our Laboratory is covered by licensed medical technologists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and the other hours covered on an emergency on-call basis. We participate in the College of American Pathologists External Proficiency Testing program and our results are compared and graded nationally to determine our continued proficiency. We pride ourselves in quick turnaround for test results with most results being available to the physician within 15 minutes to 3 hours of collection. The laboratory provides services in hematology, serology, microbiology, blood banking, general and special chemistry, blood gas analysis, bacteriology, and parasitology as well as specimen collection for drug and alcohol testing. We also have a large referral list for specialty testing not provided here.

Radiology CT, US, Mammogram, X-ray: Imaging Services offers a variety of imaging exams. We offer any plain radiograph as well as fluoroscopy exams. Our ultrasound services include abdominal ultrasound, vascular studies, and obstetrical exams. CT services are provided as well. Pondera Medical Center purchased a state of the art mammography machine in 2000 and our mammography program is certified by the FDA, as well as the technicians being certified by ARRT in mammography. Our radiology technicians are nationally certified and licensed by the State of Montana. Together they possess more than 50 years of experience. Imaging's hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday with all other coverage on an emergency, on-call basis.

Electrodianostic services/Echocardiogram: The respiratory department is also responsible for doing electrocardiograms, helping with treadmill exams, and hooking up Holter Monitors on patients. This department schedules for sleep studies as well as the echocardiograms and stress echocardiograms which are done by an outside vendor.

Pondera County Ambulance: Pondera County Ambulance serves the Pondera County area with emergency services using Emergency Medical Technicians on a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week basis. The ambulance also provides transportation services for patients to other facilities as necessary. The EMTs are trained in use of the automatic defibrillator as well. Pondera County Ambulance cooperates closely with other emergency services in the county.

PMC Dietary Department

The goal of the PMC Dietary Department is to meet the nutritional needs of our patients and residents. A part-time Registered Diet Technician and a consulting Dietician are employed at PMC to do the nutritional screenings and diet counseling as ordered by the physician or by appointment made with the Dietary Manager.

As an outpatient service, therapeutic diets can be ordered and picked up at the Dietary Department. Our cafeteria is located in the basement and is open 24 hours a day.

PMC employs a full-time baking/catering employee to oversee the Cafeteria and to allow our patients and residents, families, employees and the community an opportunity to order baked goods and to cater special occasions.

Complimentary coffee is available and complimentary meals are available to order from the Nursing Staff if you are staying and helping in the care of your loved one.

Emergency Room

24 hour coverage
PA/NP first response with physician backup

Rehab Services

Cardiac Rehab

Outpatient Cardiac Rehab programs are designed for patients who have recently had a heart attack or recent heart surgery. When patients are first admitted they are placed on telemetry while exercising, given education, and monitored closely by a registered nurse with advanced training. This is called Phase II and is reimbursed by Medicare each visit. Once patients no longer need cardiac telemetric monitoring they participate in a supervised exercise program that is an extension of activities in Page II. This is called Phase III and is paid privately by the patient on a monthly basis. We offer both programs at Pondera Medical Center.

Physical Therapy

Cardiopulmonary Services

The central focus for cardiopulmonary services is the patient we serve. Our therapist collaborates with the health care team to delivery the most appropriate and cost effective patient care as a center of clinical excellence through continuous quality improvement.

Critical Care Services:

State-of-the-art non-invasive positive pressure ventilation
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (CPR)
Intubation & critical care ventilation management (with new 4th generation ventilator)

Other Services:

Electrocardiograms Overnight pulse oximetry trending
Inpatient polysomnography (sleep study) Rest/exercise pulse oximetry trending
Disposable supply management/latest advances in interface technology Medicare/Medicaid home oxygen recertification
ECG stress testing CPAP/BiPAP titration inpatient sleep studies
Croup tents Nebulized medication therapy
Positive expiratory pressure therapy Airway clearance techniques/postural drainage & percussion
Flutter therapy Autogenic drainage
Outpatient CPAP/BiPAP management Physician CPAP/BiPAP compliance/quality of life test rept.
New setups/mask fitting Patient education

Occupational Therapy

PMCs Occupational Therapy Department treats patients in Long Term Care, Acute Care, Home Health and the Outpatient setting with over 20 years of experience. Treatment plans are customized to the individual and their specific diagnoses.

The goal of Occupational Therapy is to achieve independence and improve arm/hand strength and function while limiting the degree of interruption to ones life when affected by disability, injury or chronic conditions.

Our department background is strong in hand injury treatment and ergonomic (work-related) issues as well. Splinting is one of our most impressive treatments. Most of our splints are custom-fabricated and specific to hand and wrist injuries. We are quite versatile and have a strong reputation with our local and regional physicians.

The variety of diagnoses that benefit from Occupational Therapy are widespread. Examples would include: ADLs (activities of daily living) including dressing, adaptive equipment following a stroke or fracture, work-related injuries including repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, arthritis joint protection, work simplification, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and head and spinal cord injuries.

If you have questions about the Occupational Therapy Department, please contact us at 406-271-3211 Ext. 249.

Wellness Fitness Center

Welcome to Pondera Medical Centers Wellness Center with a full range of cardio and strength training equipment. Access to the facility is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during cardiac rehab hours.

The Wellness Center provides most of your preventive health care needs including initial fitness programs, a lifestyle and weight management program, group fitness classes, wellness seminars and other health related events.

Plus with any membership, you have access to a certified professional fitness trainer, who takes your body composition, gives you a fitness evaluation and sets up your initial fitness program. Each program includes an aerobic, strength and flexibility training regiment.
The rates are very reasonable especially considering the access to professional assistance and the excellent equipment.

Call us and let us become your wellness advocate.

The Equipment at the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center has a complete array of fitness equipment including three treadmills, three stationary style bicycles, three elliptical style machines, a stair-stepper, a Total Gym, free weights and Duo-Tek weight machines as well as a designated stretching area and therapy ball. We also have a large screen TV with cable and stereo/CD player to distract you.

With the variety of equipment, it is easy to cross train aerobically or achieve a full body workout with weights. You wont get bored with the ability to change to so many different pieces of equipment. In addition with the availability of a trainer, you can easily update your fitness program to achieve new goals.

Come see all the great assets we have to offer. Make an appointment with our Wellness Program Manager, Melinda Leas, to answer any questions or to sign up now.

Lifestyle & Weight Management

The Lifestyle and Weight Management Program at the Pondera Medical Center is the latest program offered by the Wellness Center. The program assists people struggling with weight to become permanent weight controllers not dieters. Controlling weight is a struggle because biological factors work aggressively against us. In this program participants learn to become just as aggressive in their dietary intake and fitness regiment to combat these biological factors.

Participants learn about scientifically proven nutrition and fitness habits and not just fad diets. This program does not tell you what to eat, but gives solid guidelines to finding success. The program lasts six months and is designed to be rejoined as participants need.

Like any chronic disease, participants learn that weight control must always be managed as a lifestyle change. With acceptance of this aspect, weight controllers discover success.
For more information, contact the Wellness Program Manager and let the Wellness Center become your wellness advocate.

Contact the Physical Therapy department at 271-2222 to schedule your initial appointment or for any questions you might have. Initial appointments are accomplished Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 1:00 or 5:00 to 7:00 pm. for a duration of approx. 30-40 minutes. Fees are payable at sign-up.

1 time initial set-up fee: $15.00

Single $25.00/month *$270.00/annual
Double $35.00/month *$378.00/annual
Family $40.00/month *$432.00/annual
Single student $20.00/month *$216.00/annual
Senior (60+) rates:
Single $25.00/month *$270.00/annual
Double $35.00/month *$378.00/annual

* 10% discount for annual membership paid in full.

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